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What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance; it’s merging blockchain technology and traditional finance/banking. It allows people to use and manage their money without relying on traditional financial institutions in an incredibly open and transparent way. It’s a brand new monetary system that empowers users by offering an alternative to the old financial system. This new system is powered by open and transparent smart contracts that can be used to complete various tasks that are accessed through simple user interfaces. The technology to achieve independence from central authorities is already here—namely the internet, blockchain, and cryptography. In traditional finance, we rely on 3rd party central authorities to verify transactions. However, in the context of the blockchain and cryptos, the users can confirm transactions. DeFi aims to provide permissionless and transparent financial services to anyone and everyone.

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Our DeFi Solutions


Defi Yield Farming Development

If your crypto project is interested in allowing users to lock up native tokens to earn rewards, you may want to implement a yield farming protocol. We can help you map out coin rewards and develop the smart contracts needed to facilitate the yield farming experience. We can also help guide users into the transition and help engage your community with this new DeFi update.

DeFi Tokenization Development

If you’re interested in building a coin for your blockchain project, then Forrest Visions can help. We can help develop comprehensive ecosystems within your project.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

If your project needs dapps or web3 applications to enable native token staking, then we can help develop the protocol and help users seamlessly follow the process. The video below shows a sample application that we built to help guide users through the staking process.

DeFi Wallet Development

Our development team can design and develop custom wallets for your DeFi project. Contact us today for a quote that fits your project.

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