Many people use technical analysis to help strengthen their investment hypothesis. Some people decide to look at what’s being built to price in the value of their favorite currency. Today we will be going over a new aspect that may change the way you research the community.

Technical analysis can be a great way to find patterns and make sound investments. However, if everyone used the charts, there wouldn’t be a very competitive edge, and bots would completely take over the industry. When you’re investing, you want to look at fundamentals and opportunities that give you an advantage to the market and give yourself a chance to be adaptive and competitive. 

What better way to analyze the crypto market’s strength than to look at the top companies’ hiring pages and see what they’re up to. Yesterday, we looked at the top 25 crypto exchanges by volume and recorded their available jobs. When you’re looking at research, it’s vital that the information you’re looking at is transparent. Below in the graphic’s footnotes, you will find some of the specifications we looked at.

When looking for the top 25 exchanges by volume, we went on Coinmarketcap and used the information there. (The data for the above chart was taken on 10/29/20) Some businesses didn’t have any jobs posted, so we didn’t include them in the research. You will notice that on the next graphic, there aren’t 25 exchanges; that’s because some of them had zero jobs.

More data

From the above data, we can see that over 691 jobs have been posted across the cryptocurrency exchange industry and that the number one depart is in engineering. This signals that there is a lot of building going on. We guess that in the next month, we will see an increase of crypto jobs that will help signify a bull run. (Not investment advice)

We also took note of the exchanges that were hiring. We found that Binance has the most job listings, while some other exchanges have substantially lower.

Truth about the data

Let’s look at some problems that this data doesn’t 100% show at first glance. The information that is being calculated is the number of job postings, which might not be accurate to actual hires. Companies may have forgotten to take a posting down or might not be looking for candidates.

None of this data should be used to make a financial decision; it should be used to help you explore new outlets and indicators for your research. This is the essential part of the article; you shouldn’t ever take research for full face value. Always do your research and investigate the data yourself. The company career pages are free and public knowledge, so look them up yourself to verify the information.

Full report

We will be collecting this data for all of November and then will come out with a month long report on December 1st, which will allow you to see a graph of the jobs available and will give you a indication for the future.

We will be collecting this data for all of November and then will come out with a month-long report on December 1st, allowing you to see a graph of the jobs available and give you an indication for the future.

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