At Forrest Visions, we aim to be transparent and always look for ways to improve our business procedures. We do our best to report and accurately explain everything, so considering this, we would like to update everyone on our refund policy. This policy has been intact for months, but we would like to reiterate its importance. 

Our refund policy is standard across the industry in that we will refund our clients 100% if we’re unable to complete the task.

Task not completed.

If we don’t complete the task, we will refund our clients via the used payment method. This means that we didn’t deliver the product/service  that we agreed on.

Task partially completed.

We’re only human. In rare events, we will start a service and realize we don’t have the resources to complete it to the best of our ability. If we aren’t confident we can achieve it, we will offer a full refund or be willing to negotiate a partial refund if work can be salvaged that is appropriate.

How does the refund procedure work?

Getting a refund

If you’re looking for a refund, contact our email support, and we will start the refund process. If a service has ended, you have 14 days to ask for a refund request. If your request is granted, then you will have 14 days to supply accepted identification information. If you’re not confident you can deliver it within 14 days, we will need a written response that details the extension. Your extension is not guaranteed to be accepted.

Fiat payments

We refund payments based on the method that was used to pay for it. If you’re a resident in the US, we can accept fiat; if you pay with fiat, we can instantly process a refund in most cases.

Crypto payments

If you used crypto, we would need to verify personal information to send the crypto back to the original client. We always require identification information that allows us to be confident we’re making the correct refund.

Anonymous clients

We don’t work with anonymous people. If you or your company cannot supply identification information, we will close the service and not offer a refund.

Privacy information

We won’t be releasing your private information to the public but will instead be using it internally. We keep your information on record to account for the payments/refunds.

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Here is our official Private Policy and Terms and Conditions.

*We require identification in most situations, so please be prepared to supply it even if you’re not asking for a refund.


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