Forrest Approach

Our team is continuously creating new strategies where specific influencers share overlapping audiences as our clients to help produce branded asset material. We have established partnerships with many influencers who will merge their audience with your brilliant brand.

Finding the Perfect Audience

Our influencer picks are devised in carefully curated analyzed data. We run many research tests to ensure that the audiences align as close to the target as possible.

Active Audience

Our strategies run across all of the major mediums (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), depending on the proposed target.

Micro Influencers

We can help find “value” influencers with smaller followings for an effective campaign. We can complete the adequate research and connect with the appropriate influencer if we don’t already have a partnership with an influencer who meets your target needs.

Calculating Value

Finding the value of Influencer marketing can be extremely difficult for businesses to calculate accurately. We' are committed to using premium impressions and other key performance indicators to accurately relay a value report relative to the entire marketing mix.